Reduce muscle fatigue by topping up some of the most important amino acids for supporting muscle, the branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. Not only does BCAA Plus stimulate muscle protein synthesis and sustain performance, it also supports the body by helping to burn fat during exercise and boost the development of lean muscle.*

With a blend of branched-chain amino acids, L-carnitine, and L-glutamine, BCAA Plus can support you during a workout by:

  • Helping your body burn fat.*
  • Supporting sustained energy levels.*
  • Delaying fatigue to help sustain performance.*
  • Helping build lean muscle.*
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Burn fat, stay strong and impress yourself

AMPED™ BCAA Plus is the reliable training partner your workout needs. Loaded with branched-chain amino acids and more to help you create lean muscle and sustain energy levels and performance so you can enjoy your active journey.

When you take BCAA Plus, you’re showing your workout the respect it deserves. Our bodies are built to move in motion, so it’s only fitting to fuel your active regimen with a product that can do the same for you.

Get to know the beneficial BCAA blends

With AMPED™ BCAA Plus, you’ll get the natural BCAAs your body needs to create lean muscle, sustain performance and energy levels, and enjoy your active journey, plus two other ingredients that help burn fat while you’re in motion!


The most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream and muscle cells. Even though your body does produce it, taking more when you exercise can help maintain your muscles’ pH levels, allowing you to take your workout to the next level.


Helps your body turn fat into energy.


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